Please download a Meristem invitation card for your own use. Printing the invitation on light card, rather than paper, shows we mean this invitation seriously.

You can also download the revised 2015 edition of the Meristem booklet.

What is a Meristem?
A gathering of 2-4 people willing to read the Bible, of any age, background or stage of belief, generally single sex.

– to grow in our understanding of God
– to build friendships

Anytime they could be fitted in, without eating in to prime time (ie not evenings, family time, etc.) They might meet early morning, lunchtime , way home from work, when shifts coincide etc.

Anywhere convenient – Home, office, church, pub etc

The meeting lasts c 3/4 hour with the following constituents
1) Tea, meal, etc (15 mins)
2) A Reading (2 min) from a Gospel / account of Jesus’ life
3) Any questions? (2 mins) a full list if answer is known or not
4) Discussion (20 mins) an order is suggested
5) Sharing (5mins) joys and trials – self, work & family
6) Prayer (1 mins)
(It works through the stages finishing at the agreed time.)

How long?
One section of a Gospel (7 weeks). There is no expectation of anyone continuing longer. That may be enough! However, should anyone be interested and wish to continue, they would be welcome.

(ps A ‘Meristem’ is the name given to areas in plants which grow by cells being added as they ‘divide’!)

The Bible in a ‘Meristem’

Christians believe that in and through Bible, God speaks to and reveals himself to human beings. We think therefore that the Bible is ‘the teacher’ and so we all come to learn from it.

At the heart of the Bible, Jesus says that : “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”( John chapter 3verse16)

The aim of a ‘meristem’ is to consider the truth of this statement. To do this we will look closely at and discuss our views on one of the ‘Gospels’ / accounts of Jesus life.

The order in which we may look at the passage before us is:

1) Read the passage
2) List questions (whether we have an answer or not!),
without offering answers yet.
3) Note anything that surprised or confused you.
4) Discuss now, answers to the questions.
5) Agree (if possible!)
a. A key verse (a sentence that sums up the message)
b. A theme (the message of the passage)
6) Suggest
a. What it shows about God.
b. What we should do.

It should be noted that:

  • All opinions will be considered
  • All views will be respected.
  • All questions will be acknowledged even if they remain unanswered!

An Invitation?!

To whom it may concern

You may settled in your views or someone who is asking questions, an atheist or a firm believer!

Perhaps you would like to air your views and discuss further the claims of Jesus in a relaxed, low pressure environment. If so, someone would be glad to meet with you in such a setting, at your suggestion, (within reason!), and at your convenience.

As a basis, we would use the ‘meristem’ format described overleaf, to simply to read through and share views on a part of Jesus’ life.

If you have any questions or would like to give it a shot, we would be delighted to try to help.

You may like to email us office

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you.” declares the Lord. (Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 13)

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