Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Updated 15.4.24

Torrance Primary P4’s decorated 29 eggs which were put up all around Torrance. Did you find them all?

The Eggs are postcard sized and were in place from Good Friday, 29th March, until the end of the school holiday. They are now being collected in – if you find one feel free to take it down and let us know.

You can Download and Print the Map and Instructions:

Or you can work of this map:

The Eggs are marked on the map by red dots, and where there are more than one in the area, such as a park they are blue dots. Each egg displays a number and a word. Make a note of all the words and discover an Easter bible verse, Mark 16:6 (NIV)

Need a Clue?

Here is a list of all the locations

Torrance Parish Church

Torrance Parish Church, 1 School Road, Torrance,  Glasgow, G64 4BZ

Telephone: 01360 620970. Email: office@tpc.org.uk