FROG 2010

FROG 2010

We are FROG. FROG stands for Fully Relying On God.

FROG is a part of Church where we get together on Sundays to learn about God, read the Bible, play games and have fun!

FROG is for P7 to S2. We meet during the Sunday morning service (unless it is a family service or during the holidays) and do lots of enjoyable activities such as:

  • reading the Bible;
  • doing worksheets;
  • doing word searches;
  • playing games; and
  • doing quizzes.

We also drink lots of juice and eat a lot of biscuits!

Bored on a Sunday? Got nothing to do? Come to FROG – it’s good for making friends.

Torrance Parish Church

Torrance Parish Church, 1 School Road, Torrance,  Glasgow, G64 4BZ

Telephone: 01360 620970. Email: