Celebration of Discipline –

Most Recent Update: 27.3.24

Learning in Lent and Beyond, 2024

During Lent 2024 we looked at some different Spiritual Disciplines – as introduced by Richard Fosters book. We covered some disciplines on a Sunday morning and have supplemented this with additional content too. We’ve now ‘parked’ this series but of course the disciplines continue to be invaluable tools as we draw closer to Jesus. The intention is to leave this page as a ‘resource’ and hopefully in time we can add more content to it. To that end, if you had ideas for content do get in touch. Please see the table bellow though for all the different resources.

First published in 1978, Richard Foster’s ‘Celebration of Discipline’ is a book that has stood the test of time and been instrumental in many people Christian journey’s over the years.

Is it still relevant in 2024? Lets find out together.

Here is how we introduced the series:

Intro Video

You can read the script of the video here should you wish.

An exploration of the inward, outward and corporate disciplines:

**The most recent additions will be highlighted in yellow**

The DisciplinesWhat we’ve been learningAdditional Notes and Links
Part I (Inward)
Meditation At our Service on Sunday 18th February we looked at Psalm 1 to help us learn more about Meditation. (The link will take you to the relevant time stamp from our service)
PrayerAt our service on 25th February we had:
1. Insight from Prayer team.
2. A Message on Matthew 6:6-16
(The links will take you to the relevant time stamps from our service)

Stuart also shared: A Prayer on the Spiritual Discipline of Prayer
Explore: The Prayer Course. (This could be ran again at TPC should you wish)

A Message on Prayer by Mark Comer (YouTube Link)
– Fasting Fasting is a private matter, but it is helpful to explore in a balanced and careful way.  
Together with two retired GPs Stuart recorded a 25 min discussion.  
The video and a link to download the audio file can be found here: 
A Discussion on the Topic of Fasting.  
StudyStudy is an invaluable tool.

Together with Rhian Muir, who is presently working for UCCF Stuart recorded a 24 min discussion exploring this topic.

The video and a link to download the audio file can be found here: 

A Discussion the Topic of Study
Part II (Outward)
– SimplicityAt our service on the 3rd of March looked at Matthew 6:25-34 to help us look deeper at simplicity.
A great book on living a simple life is Mark Comer’s ‘Ruthless Elimination of Hurry‘ (Perhaps a number of us could get together to read this book?)
– SolitudeAt our service on the 10th of March considered the experience of Jesus in the wilderness as we explored ‘Solitude’

The Sermon on Matthew 4:1-11 is here.
– Submission
– Service
Part III (Corporate)
– Confession
WorshipAt our service on 17th March Rev Peter White explored the theme of Worship

The Sermon on Psalm 95 is here.
– Guidance
CelebrationAt our service on the 24th of March we celebrated! We welcomed new members and thought about what it is to celebrate in the Christian faith.

The Sermon on Philippians 4:4-9 is here.

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