Visiting and Phoning Friends

April 18, 2022

Friendship and talking to one another is important, however, not everyone is able to get out and about to meet up with friends or join in social activities. Some no longer have a circle of friends in this area and can feel rather isolated. Do you feel like this, or know someone who does? 

‘Visiting and Phoning Friends’ is a group of volunteers willing to help by visiting adults, if they wish it, in their own home at a convenient time. It may be for a chat, or to share a game of dominoes or scrabble or do an activity together. Or they might assist in a short outing. We are also happy to keep in contact by phone, if preferred. For more information, please call Dorothy – 01360 620970. 

Fish and Chips

March 5, 2021

Following on from our Fish and Chips outreach over the winter when we got to know some lovely people in the village, many would really appreciate continuing to receive a friendly phone call and perhaps, in safer times, a home visit.   These simple phone calls mean so much when you live alone and prove such a blessing both to the person receiving the call and to the one offering that hand of friendship. The Pastoral Team are excited about what God has been doing and look forward to building up these friendships in Jesus’ name.   We would value your support and prayers and if you feel prompted to help please speak to Margaret Neil, Dorothy Beaton or myself.  Our numbers are detailed below. Many thanks.

Margaret Neil 07554 328739;  Dorothy Beaton 07580 463684;  Marion Murray 07910 836828 

Fish ‘n Chips in February

February 7, 2021

We are in the final month of our fish and chip deliveries and while the weather has been wild this week a little lightness is creeping in to the evening sky, Spring is on its way.

We continue to be amazed by the joy a simple fish supper brings and by your generosity in supporting this wee outreach activity. God has done wonderful things with your donations of a wee bit of fish and a couple of tatties.

A big thank you too to our deliverers, they turn out in all weathers and hurry hot suppers right across our village. A superb team.

We have enough money now to see us to the end of the month so don’t need any more donations but if you have been blessed by giving the gift of food, the food banks in Springburn and Kirkintilloch still need support.

Thanks again to all, we’ll let you know our grand total of suppers delivered at the end of the month.

Befriending and pastoral care

January 26, 2021

We are encouraged to look out for one another, and our neighbours, at this difficult time. The support of the visiting friends and pastoral teams remains very much available (by telephone); anyone in the community who would benefit practical help (e.g., with shopping), a friendly phone call, or is finding things difficult can call or be referred to Dorothy Beaton or Marion Murray on 07788 797238 in the first instance.

Fish and Chips (and sausages, pies and pizza)

January 26, 2021

Praise God we have now delivered over 100 suppers across the village and hope to continue for the next few weeks. We have had lots of lovely messages of thanks and have been blessed with new friendships that our pastoral team will be maintaining.

This week we have also linked with Torrance Primary School and will be delivering suppers to families that they think would benefit. It will be great to give them the gift of a nice hot supper and a bit of encouragement at this time.

If you know of someone who would benefit please let Marion know or if you would like to donate a fish supper just pop £5 in an envelope and put it through our doors: contact for Marion and Alison’s address. Thank you all once again. God bless, Marion and Alison

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