JTS and Traidcraft Products

April 4, 2023

In light of the recent news about Traidcraft that there is a real concern about where you can source food products in their absence for your stalls, events, or personal consumption. JTS are still here and willing to serve and that you can buy some of the products Traidcraft sold through the JTS online shop and much more. Here is a link to the online shop where you can browse the full range and also discover the new ‘JTS and Friends’ section which will feature products from Divine Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Liberation, Nutcellars, Quinola, and Zaytoun in the hope that this fills a gap for you.


Torrance Parish Church

Torrance Parish Church, 1 School Road, Torrance,  Glasgow, G64 4BZ

Telephone: 01360 620970. Email: office@tpc.org.uk