Help for Hyderabad

October 7, 2022

The retiral collections for the Hyderabad Flood Appeal on Sunday 9 and 16 October and the Craft Fair on 12 October raised a brilliant £2,272.66. A huge thank you to all who contributed to this appeal and to all who ran the café at the Craft Fair, to the stall holders and bakers and to all who came along and generously supported the event.

Our Presbytery is twinned with the Diocese of Hyderabad and congregations have been asked where possible to contribute financially. The Diocese has been badly affected by the recent flooding in Pakistan and the Bishop has appealed for help.  Many thousands have been left homeless, lost their cattle and their crops destroyed leaving them without shelter or the means to support themselves. Mosquitoes are spreading diseases including Dengue Fever and Malaria, both of which can be fatal. The Bishop has asked for immediate help to buy food, medicine, mosquito nets and repellents, torches and solar lights.


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