Junior Church

August 24, 2021

All ages are welcome at the service – just as those of the appropriate age are equally welcome to attend one of the following groups that meet at the same time:-

Junior Church, FROG & Connect

Junior church has restarted and is open to children from age 3 – P3 (juniors) and P4 – P6 (seniors).   Children attending should be dropped off at the Church Hall door (via the car park), before the service, and collected from the same place at the end of the service.  

FROG (P7 – S3) and Connect (S4 – S6) meet at the same time, at the Caldwell Hall.

If you know of a family member or friend who might be interested in attending one of the Sunday youth groups and would like more information, please contact office@tpc.org.uk and we can put you in touch with the relevant leader.


Torrance Parish Church

Torrance Parish Church, 1 School Road, Torrance,  Glasgow, G64 4BZ

Telephone: 01360 620970. Email: office@tpc.org.uk