Juke Box Days!

July 6, 2021

Alzheimer Scotland presents Juke Box Days, a reminiscence initiative hosted by Michael White of Screen Memories Scotland, that focuses on the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, basically from 1956 to 1976. A specific year is chosen, and group members can select their own choices of music. As well as the songs themselves, there are memory triggers for social and cultural aspects such as fashion, hairstyles, news events, famous people and food and drink. This sets the context for the songs and the music of the period.
The Transatlantic Jukebox Session this week is on Thursday 8th July 2021 at 4pm with North Carolina. 
To join the session please click the link below:-
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 1144 8545
Passcode: 585943 
Can we please request that all participants switch to MUTE once the music starts or until requested when joining in on the interactive part. This will prevent any feedback noise which can affect the enjoyment of other attendees.
Please feel free to come along and join in the fun.   All are welcome.


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