Prayer Meetings

March 31, 2020

Since all the regular physical gatherings have been suspended, the 7.30am; 9.15am; 7.00pm and 8.00pm PRAYER ‘meetings’ will continue on-line:
NOTE: these meetings are protected with a password. Please email for the password.
Many smart phones and tablets are supplied with earphones that have a microphone on one of the wires. If you log in on a computer with no microphone or camera, you will be able to see and hear others (which is fine for Sunday morning) but they won’t see or hear you.
If at first you see only one face on your screen (the person speaking) click on the icon ‘grid view’; your screen will fill with pics of other participants. To be heard, click ‘unmute’. To be seen, ‘start video’.


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01360 620970
Sunday Morning service (online) 10:30am