Coronavirus Advice

March 14, 2020

In response to the outbreak of CoViD-19, we encourage members to read the guidelines issued by the Church of Scotland.

TPC has appointed Jen Barge, Phil Malloch and Brian McKenzie to keep the church abreast of developments promptly.

TPC has reinforced its already good hygiene practices:    In the café, staff may continue to serve scones etc kept under cover, using tongs. On Sundays there will be no biscuits at tea/coffee.

So that church services etc can safely stay open for the healthy – as long as permitted – anyone, of any age, who feels newly unwell is asked not to attend that week. We advise those most at risk of complications (elderly, and/or with underlying health problems) to stay at home meantime, and listen on-line if you can (see below).

To save you touching door handles, the welcome team will open the front door for you as you arrive. The doors to the Ladies and Gents Toilets will be wedged open. Don’t remove the wedge!

Please bring your own Bible, or read it on the screen.

Use Soap and Water often. As soon as we can get supplies with over 60% alcohol, we will provide Hand-sanitisers too for the café.

Nigel will stop shaking hands at the door meantime.

If we are told to stop meeting, use the church website to stay in touch. Hear past sermons, and even listen live on Sundays at 10.30am

For health advice, go to

(Scottish Health Information you can trust)


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