Tearfund – Climate Change Appeal

November 29, 2016

We campaign on climate change because Tearfund partners have told us again and again that this is their priority, even if that isn’t the label they give it. Rains don’t come when people expect them, meaning that the harvest will be late if it comes at all, making it a struggle to feed themselves and their children. Changing rain patterns means people are increasingly at risk of losing their crops, livelihoods and homes from drought and flooding.

As Christians who care for our neighbours and as stewards of God’s creation there is much we can do in terms of changing our lifestyle but we can also join together to get the Scottish Government to take action on climate change. The Scottish budget will be published next month as well as the Scottish Government’s action plan on climate change and we have the opportunity to feed into these.

If you and anyone else you know would be willing to send postcards to your MSPs to call on them to take action on transport and on the energy efficiency of homes and buildings I would be delighted to send out as many cards as you would be willing to buy stamps for. We each have 8 MSPs – one constituency and seven regional – I can look up who your MSPs are and give you their names if that would help. The cards are pre-printed and all you have to do is write in the name of the MSP and your details so they know they are hearing from a constituent.
If you would like to send some postcards just email me with your address and I can send you as little or as many postcards as you want.

We can make a difference – Dr Hazel MacIver, Advocacy and Campaigns Manager, Tearfund Scotland. email: hazel.maciver@tearfund.org