Alzheimer Scotland – Dementia Together

May 26, 2020

With new themes each week helping connect with ourselves and others when we are all staying safe at home – Dementia Together – connecting people, connecting support. A space where people with dementia, family members and supporters can come together and explore ways of living well with dementia. https://www.dementiatogether.online/

Alzheimer Scotland – What’s Online in May – Nevis Ensemble

May 19, 2020

The Street Orchestra for Scotland have just launched the first Nevis Living Room Ensemble videos, with 160 musicians from 15 countries taking part. Nevis Ensemble will continue their mission to bring music to everyone, everywhere. We have fabulous memories of the Nevis Ensemble concerts in East Dunbartonshire a few years ago. You can view on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujjyYdfNBXM&feature=youtu.be or Facebook – Nevis Ensemble.

JTS Fair and Fine Food – Help our Producers fight Covid-19

May 19, 2020

Sadly, Covid 19 has now arrived in the developing world to make life even tougher than normal for our producers. JTS have been asking all their vulnerable producer partners what support they need in the current crisis. KASFA rice farmers in Malawi and Eswatini Swazi Kitchen from The Kingdom of Eswatini, have told us that their main need at this time is for simple handwashing facilities and soap. Therefore we have set up a Total Giving Page to raise funds to supply these basic necessities – https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/JTSsupportingourproducers or To make a food order go to www.jts.co.uk/shop Together, we can help the most vulnerable people fight this global pandemic. Let’s give them a chance.

Alpha Online

May 19, 2020

We propose to run an Alpha online course starting on Monday 1 June at 7.30pm. Although traditionally the Alpha course was always in person and followed a meal, the lockdown has meant the adapted online course has arrived. This will follow the rest of the usual format with a short video followed by discussion, but the latter will be by way of zoom. It will be very informal and easy going. The video introduces the topic, and the discussion is not aimed at answering the questions people raise, but to allow exploration and discussion in an open atmosphere. We need d though to access people who will not hear about it unless they connect with one of the church social media feeds or get church circulations. It will be in next week’s Village Hug. Could you please tell people you know about it and extend the invitation. You can either just tell them about it, or you can copy and paste the text into an email, whatever is easiest for the recipient to access! There is a taster video they can watch in the link – https://player.vimeo.com/video/357618357 If they know Robin MacLellan, Bert Cooke, Mairi Stewart or Geoff Burns and want to know more about it, they can always call us to ask. If you would like to, please contact Geoff at geoffburns@barnellan.org.uk

Alzheimer Scotland What’s Online in May

May 12, 2020

Live Music Now Scotland launches the Together at Home concert series. They have commissioned a special series of videos, recorded in living rooms around Scotland – or wherever their artists are in lockdown. To catch up on the concerts they have premiered over the past few weeks visit their website – https://www.livemusicnow.org.uk/welcome

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