Pastoral Care

If you are in need of pastoral assistance, you can contact your elder, or the Session Clerk – Graham Murray 01360 620970; or Rev. Nigel Barge – 01360 622379.


Area Elders Pastoral Assistants
1. Boot Estate
West Road
West Balgrochan
Acre Valley
Tom McClean Peter Nicolson
Mary Goldie
Jen Barge
Hilary Russell
2. Mill Crescent
Campsie Road
Kings Park
School Road
Peter Nicolson
Margaret Neil
3. Rosehill Road
Main Street
Graeme Phimister

Brian Mackenzie

Robin MacLellan

Gilly Sangster
Irene Muir
Marion Murray
4. The Comben Bill Gray 

Bert Cooke

Linda McEwan
Ailsa Monaghan
Sophia Thomson
Susan and Hing Leung
5. Outside Torrance Geoff Burns  
6. Postal Graeme Phimister  

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