Big Anne

January 26, 2016

Anne spoke to the church before Christmas about her work with Operation Mobilisation in Zambia where she is helping to manage a day centre and school for street children. Mercy House is one of the largest shanty towns in Zambia, near the capital Lusaka. It will cater for 60 children on a daily basis, providing basic education, food and spiritual support. The facility has already been built and fitted out, and is about to start operation, so the need is for the ongoing costs of operation which is £1200 per month which covers teaching, food materials, and also would contribute to scholarships to help some of the kids get into formal education. Any contribution we can make to this through regular giving will be most valuable to them. Forms and envelopes to enable giving direct to OM for this project specifically are in the café. Any questions please in the first instance contact Sharon Rose at OM on 0141 552 7716. Many thanks.


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