Daily Bible Reading Notes from Revd George Philip

July 31, 2015

The Rev George Philip, formerly minister of Glasgow: Sandyford Henderson Church of Scotland, has kindly provided an extensive series of Bible Reading Notes, covering much of the Scriptures. These are available in PDF format and may be obtained via office@tpc.org.uk
Please remember, that although the notes are provided free, the copyright remains with the author, the Rev George Philip. They may be printed for personal use, or for use within an individual congregation, in which case, they may be issued with a front cover showing the name and logo of that particular congregation. The name of the Rev George Philip as author, and as owner of the copyright, must still be shown on every copy. The author would welcome feedback and encouragement as to how his notes are being used. Contact Rev G. Philip c/o Torrance Parish Church by emailing office@tpc.org.uk


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