Vacancy: Communications Coordinator

January 31, 2015

The Congregational Board wishes to ensure that communication within our church and externally to others is as effective as possible. Methods of communication are many and varied from printed materials like the magazines and Sunday bulletins to online channels like our website along with social media.
We are looking for a person who can take an overview and liaise with those involved – So that
• Attendees and villagers feel well informed.
• There are good joined up links between everyone involved in communication.
• There is an ongoing improvement in all the ways we communicate as a church.
Key Actions
? Liaise with the Church administrator, magazine editors, web master and others involved.
? Disseminate information or requests from the Board.
? Provide feedback or requests to the Board by way of a brief report if needed to the Board at the quarterly meetings or verbally to the Chair of the Board or the Minister between meetings if necessary.
For more information please speak to Bill Gray 01360 620970 or Nigel Barge.